Urte Reckowsky
Business Psychologist (M.Sc.) & Certified Management Coach - Consultant - Trainer

Coaching for You

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Would it be helpful  to reflect on work or work life balance issues with someone? Do you feel there must be a better way to handle the challenges or conflicts you face? 

Coaching can provide clarity and perspective. As a coach I'll offer you a space where you can sort out your thoughts, ease your mind or set and reach your goals. As a business psychologist I can offer you my expertise on a range of leadership and psychological issues.

As I have professional and personal experience of expatriate life too, I also provide support with relocation-related matters, whether you are working or not.

Do one of these topics strike a chord with you?  Then we should meetRead more ...

Coaching for Organisations

Research shows that coaching has positive effects on important leadership competences such as a capacity for self-reflection, the ability to see things from a different perspective and to cope with pressure and uncertainties. 

If you are interested in coaching as a tool for human resource development, to increase employee loyalty or for conflict resolution, please get in touch. I can also help with the conceptual design and performance of assessments, suitability diagnostics and analysis to identify high-potential employees. Read more...

Facilitation and Training

Examples for workshop facilitation:

  • Team coaching and conflict resolution, especially, but not only, for intercultural teams, face-to-face and remote
  • Goal clarification and definition of processes
  • Drawing up corporate values
  • Changing a corporate culture

Examples of my training areas:

  • Leading culturally diverse teams
  • Communications and conflict
  • Global mobility and resilience
  • Coaching and language training
  • Career development program for expatriate spouses and partners
  • Unconscious bias - How it influences effectiveness and  wellbeing at work